Tuna/Swordfish Harpoon
Tuna/Swordfish Harpoon

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*U.S. Patent #7,448,1547

One of the oldest tools in fishing, harpoons have a long history of landing large fish. From the days of the Nantucket whale boats to today's commercial giant blue fin tuna fishing industry, harpoons have proven themselves as an invaluable tool. And now their use is becoming more and more popular with recreational fishermen.


The 'POON' * is regarded as the highest quality harpoon available on the market. It has received rave reviews from shark fishermen, sword fishermen, and tuna fishermen from the East Coast to the West Coast.

When it comes down to all the time and money spent fishing – and the big one is on the line – JUST STICK IT!

Wicked Tuna Harpoon "POON" Harpoon


The 'POON'* is constructed of the highest grade materials available including- Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and Brass. Each component is machined to exacting standards and electroplated for corrosion resistance. 


The Multi piece design allows for compact stow ability for ease of storage on any size boat. The 'POON' * is 10' in length when assembled and designed to be used as either a cockpit harpoon or a throwing harpoon in the pursuit of landing Tuna, Swordfish, or Shark.  Harpoons are used as a tool to land large fish as an alternative to a straight or flying gaff.  Harpoons allow for greater reach and accuracy, cause less damage to fish, and overall are a much more effective and safer tool in landing large Tuna, Swordfish, Mako Shark or any other large pelagic species.


*U.S. Patent #7,448,1547

See the “POON” in Action!!!

Harpooned wicked tuna Kevin glynn with bluefin tuna (note harpoon line through gill plate)

Harpoons are used as tools to land large fish as an alternative to Flying Gaffs. Professional tuna fishermen like those featured on "Wicked Tuna" all use harpoons to land Bluefin Tuna. Harpoon have also been used with great sucess in landing Swordfish, Mako Sharks, and Bluefin Tuna. Harpooning Tuna, Swordfish, Sharks is easier and safer than using Flying or Straight gaffs.

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Remembering A True Innovator

In March of 2014 Offshore Innovations and POON Harpoons suffered a huge loss with the passing of its founder & President Kevin Glynn. Kevin's lifelong experience as a fisherman and boat captain coupled with his passion for innovation are at the core of what makes Offshore Innovations and POON Harpoons a leader in the industry. Kevin's legacy will live on with the continuation of Offshore Innovations & POON Harpoons under the management of the extended OI/POON family. We  remain committed to providing innovative, high quality products that are made by professional fishermen for fishermen.

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