Tuna/Swordfish Harpoon
Tuna/Swordfish Harpoon

Customer Testimonials

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

From: Capt. Eric Savetsky, Nantucket
Species: Big Eye Tuna 250 lbs
Fight time: 1.5 hours
Tackle: Shimanno 50w standup gear

"We Pooned a 250 lb. bigeye last year. It was a good story for the Poon. The monster tough-as-nails bigeye just wouldn’t come to the boat. We had him within sight for about a ½ hour after about a 50 minute fight. So we were on the fish for nearly 1.5 hours, and I knew we had to do something soon, but every time the fish saw the boat it would power away. We had the 50w up at full. Finally, I decided to throw the Poon, and nailed the fish good. Game over."


From: Capt. Mike Doak, Falmouth, MA
Species: Giant Bluefin Tuna
Fight Time: 50 minutes
Tackle: Shimano 130 custom rod
Area fished: Chatham MA

After breaking off a 600 pounder, at the boat earlier in the day, we hooked this 850 pounder in the dark. Any one, who fights big fish like this for a living, knows the game isn't over until the fish is in the boat. Whether it's fishing in rough seas, or in pitch black, skill, instinct, and having the best equipment is absolutely necessary to be successful.

We only use the best equipment, and POON HARPOON's are the best, we wouldn't use anything else!


From: Capt. Dean Panos, Miami, FL
Double D Charters
Species: Swordfish

We had a great night swordfishing starting with a double header on swords. We only fished for 3 hours and ended up catching 4 out 5 swords. We used your harpoon on the bigger sword (190 lbs) and it went through him like butter. The harpoon is exceptional because it has plenty of weight forward which is where you need it for easy penetration. The picture is of my mate (Freddy David) and one of the clients holding your harpoon.


From: Capt. Ray Rosher, Miami, FL
Miss Britt Charters
Species: Mako

I had never used a harpoon on any fish until the night we hooked this Mako. We were targeting swordfish using mono leader when we hooked this monster. Glen Heitman was the angler and my wife was my mate. With no one else on the boat it was time to break out the harpoon. I can honestly say we caught this fish and many more since that Mako because we have a Poon Harpoon onboard. They're well made and very effective. I don't leave the dock without it.

Remembering a        True Innovator

In March of 2014 Offshore Innovations and POON Harpoons suffered a huge loss with the passing of its founder & President Kevin Glynn. Kevin's lifelong experience as a fisherman and boat captain coupled with his passion for innovation are at the core of what makes Offshore Innovations and POON Harpoons a leader in the industry. Kevin's legacy will live on with the continuation of Offshore Innovations & POON Harpoons under the management of the extended OI/POON family. We remain committed to providing innovative, high quality products that are made by professional fishermen for fishermen.

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All of our components and accessories are machined locally in Massachusetts.

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